Wednesday, August 11, 2010

epic undertaking...

what 150 copies of slurricane two look like before being folded

covers are all silkscreened!

finally done all the covers now! I'm pretty happy with how they all look. they won't be officially "finished" until probably around august 25th to september 5th but I would be down to accept pre-orders. I only have 150 so get em while you can!

burger clique

Monday, August 9, 2010

2 minutes to midnight...

Its the zero hour you guys! tomorrow at 3 I should hopefully be starting to silk screen the cover to Slurricane 2, but I'm also leaving for a family vacation on Wednesday. will I finish in time? hopefully. If I succeed I could be taking orders by the 22nd! wish me luck!

"barfield" sketches

another set of drawings for that tattoo show I am doing in November. may possibly be the trashiest tattoo concept of all time and yet I can't help but feel like this has been done before. has anyone seen a drawing of a half garfield half bart simpson hybrid? because if its been done I'll do the gentlemanly thing and back off.

jealous boyfriend

yeah... I have no idea why certain pictures keep getting uploaded sideways