Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Zine! Klatterman Sisters! ($3)

Hey everyone, so the reason I haven't been updating much (or at all) this month was partly because my classes are kicking my ass, and partly because I was working on this zine! its actually more of a mini comic about two twin girls singing vulgar autobiographical raps at their high school talent show. sort of like a creepier, female 2-live crew Plus I've decided to sell these for only $3 when you buy direct from me. it'll probably be like $2.50 to mail them within the US, and for everyone else just ask and I'll find out.

I did a goofy attempt at a silkscreen gradient for the covers. this means that no two covers are exactly alike! plus I only have around 25 of these first covers! limited edition! super rare! even more valuable!

If you want one of these hit me up at

Atomic Books contribution

The guys over at Atomic Books were nice enough to ask me to participate in their comic compilation "Mutant #3" for free comic book day. this is the one I ended up sending to them. I don't have too much more information on it unfortunately, but come free comic book day I know they will be available over at atomic books. also, if you don't happen to live in the baltimore area I was told that anyone ordering stuff off the atomic books website will get one too.

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