Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Zine! Klatterman Sisters! ($3)

Hey everyone, so the reason I haven't been updating much (or at all) this month was partly because my classes are kicking my ass, and partly because I was working on this zine! its actually more of a mini comic about two twin girls singing vulgar autobiographical raps at their high school talent show. sort of like a creepier, female 2-live crew Plus I've decided to sell these for only $3 when you buy direct from me. it'll probably be like $2.50 to mail them within the US, and for everyone else just ask and I'll find out.

I did a goofy attempt at a silkscreen gradient for the covers. this means that no two covers are exactly alike! plus I only have around 25 of these first covers! limited edition! super rare! even more valuable!

If you want one of these hit me up at

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