Monday, July 30, 2012

My interview in Monster Children magazine

monster children interview

I got to do a quick interview for Monster Children Magazine's 35th issue (for sale now). I was lucky enough to have it conducted by none other than Jason Crombie, which was exciting since I've been a huge fan of Wooooooo Magazine since High School.

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Danny Brown Fanart

Sometimes I get jealous of other illustrators whose passions for D&D and video games lend itself really well to doing fan art. I guess as a rap nerd this is the best I can do. I like drawing faces, I LOVE drawing weird faces and Danny Brown has one hell of a face to draw! BTW the word's are lyrics from this song. P.S. the picture on the youtube video is before he had the weird flock of seagulls haircut. seriously I couldn't make up a haircut like that.

showin the dudes

showin the dudes by willlaren
showin the dudes, a photo by willlaren on Flickr.