Friday, January 15, 2010

looking for thoughts...

hey so I'm working on a bunch of drawings to put in a show this spring and I was trying to incorporate some different mediums into some of them. this is sort of a rough draft of my first idea:

ultimately I want the sky and ground to be a much more solid block of colors. the stars in the final version will also be a lot smaller. I also might cut out some of the text (probably the will smith part) since all of it might be too distracting. but what do you guys think? let me know, though I do feel pretty stupid putting so much thought into such a dumb joke.


  1. Gouache will give you really solid colors

  2. yeah I was thinking of doing that, its just that I haven't worked with gouache before so I'm a little intimidated by it. but I guess I have to start some time right?

  3. This image leads me to believe that you are somehow spying on my life.