Wednesday, February 3, 2010

zodiac illustrations for school

This week in Dan Krall's class I had to do a bunch of illustrations of the zodiac for a fictional magazine. my "theme" was drawing the zodiac symbols in a way that related to a celebrity of that sign:

TAURUS: Uma Thurman (from kill bill vol.I)
this drawing was by far my favorite drawing. something about that bull crammed into a skintight tracksuit.

GEMINI: Prince (older superbowl performance prince)
this drawing is definitely a close second for my favorite drawing. the actual drawing of it was pretty frustrating though. I still don't feel like I totally captured Prince's face here. that's partly why I tossed that awful drawing of a crying dove in the background, but mostly because I was scared that the drawing wasn't as "cartoony" as the others and it might stick out.

SCORPIO: Rodney Dangerfield (no specific role, just doing that face he always does)

PISCES: Kurt Russel (as snake plissken)

CAPRICORN: Anthony Hopkins (as Hannibal)

CANCER: Tom Cruise (from risky business)
cancer was the one I was the least happy with. I guess it just is harder than I thought to pick out physical features that would make a crab recognizable as Tom Cruise.

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