Thursday, May 6, 2010

collaboration with James Bouche

This is part of a collaboration between me and printmaking genius James Bouche that was my final for Brian Garner's lithography class. We knew we wanted to do a collaborative print but we weren't sure what to do, so we decided to sit down and list all the things that inspired us or thought were cool in a venn diagram. then we would do a print based on whatever was in the middle, which I think was "the internet", "civil war generals", "pirate ship flags", and "military uniforms". in the end we made that print and also did a print of the venn diagram we made. we printed on two types of paper:

the first was this pinkish colored paper. this is the paper they use to make the wrappers for crayola crayons. I grabbed a roll they were throwing out at the factory that makes them while field trippin'

this one we did with a cream colored rives lightweight. we ended up using this one for the official prints we curated since it looked really good with the diagram print.
hopefully I'll upload more of my litho assignments soon

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