Saturday, September 4, 2010

Slurricane 2 finally done!!!!!

these puppies are finally finished! if you want one paypal $7 to!


  1. ill take one off your hands. how much is postage to Australia?

  2. I'd say about $3.50. if that's all right by you just paypal $8.50 to me at

  3. Do you have any copies of the first one left?

    If so, how much would you want to ship both to Canada? (Ontario, to be specific)

    If not, just this one would rule too.

  4. jeez I'm sorry I somehow missed your comment! unfortunately I don't have any more copies of Slurricane 1 but there are still copies of Slurricane 2! (don't worry they're not a linear story or anything) shipping to canada should probably be the same as america. if you still want a copy just paypal $7 to the email address i posted in the first comment.