Monday, November 29, 2010

another character sketch for comic

(see the first character sketch here)

This is another looser character sketch for "Familiar" the comic serial I'm doing for my sequential arts assignment. While its still very much a funny and absurd story its also the first adventury narrative based thing I've worked on which is both exciting and nerve wracking. I can't really go deep into the specifics of the story, but its basically about this witche's familiar who is asked by the witch to rob her dad's grave to get this powerful talisman. he ends up getting drunk with his friend in the cemetery and has to go find his friend who gets captured while pissing by some unknown force. I drew heavily from my love of punk rock as well as lots of greek and russian mythology and folktales. this sketch is specifically from the part where the main character gets into an argument with the moon and starts hurling debris and glass bottles at him. I want to upload the layouts for the comic to get some insight but the penciling is way too light to be scanned. I also had to design this sort of title headline for it that I will be uploading eventually as well. If all goes will I will definitely be trying to make this into a zine when I'm done with it.

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