Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Familiar Episode 3

This is page 5 and 6 of the third episode of my comic "Familiar". I am really happy with how these two pages turned out. a lot of the frustrations of the 4 earlier pages are a lot more resolved here. the text doesn't look nowhere near as awkward for one. I tried to use the ink wash a little more strategically as well. that being said, I have decided to pursue this story in my new class advanced sequential which means a few changes to the format. the big thing is that I am going to stop doing these as two page episodes and have the story just flow from page to page without breaks. also, I'm considering shrinking the size of the page since its pretty hard to read online and in life. Hopefully this won't negatively affect the story or anything, I just thought those things were mostly specific to the assignment that birthed this comic and wasn't that necessary to the storytelling. I especially think that the episodic format would have proved limiting since the story is approaching a lot of action and chase scenes (spoiler alert) if you think otherwise though please tell me. as always I'd love any comments or criticisms you may have about the two latest pages. and seriously, even if you think its a bad idea to drop the whole episode thing I urge you to stick around and keep reading. shit is about to get real.

P.S. for people who had trouble finding how to find larger versions of the comic I am including links to the larger sizes below:
Episode 3 Page 5
Episode 3 Page 6

Ep3 Page 5
Ep3 Page 6

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  1. the ink work is much clearer, if that makes sense. and it's a good transition laugh between panels on the first/fifth page. i'd say keep the "episodes" if that's how it's natural to work, i wouldn't even say they're episodes - i mean, just because you write pages two at a time... also, the sooner you can get him cursing at the moon again, the better.